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Way Sone Diyan Kangna" is a popular Punjabi song from the 1979 Pakistani film "Chan Varyam", starring Anjuman and Sultan Rahi. The song is sung by the legendary Noor Jahan, one of the most iconic singers in Pakistani music history.

The song is a beautiful, melancholic duet that showcases Noor Jahan's soaring vocals and poetic lyrics. The song's title, "Way Sone Diyan Kangna", translates to "Your Memories Are Burning" in English. The lyrics are a poignant expression of longing and nostalgia, with the singer reminiscing about a lost love that has left her with only bittersweet memories.

Noor Jahan's powerful vocals bring depth and emotion to the song, with her signature trills and ornaments adding a touch of elegance to the melody. The song's instrumentation features a mix of traditional Pakistani instruments, including the tabla, dholak, and harmonium, which add to the song's rich cultural heritage.

Overall, "Way Sone Diyan Kangna" is a timeless classic that has become an integral part of Pakistani music culture. Its haunting melody and poignant lyrics continue to resonate with listeners to this day, making it a beloved song that transcends generations.

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Way Sone Diya Kangnaa Video Karaoke

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