• Geetimoy Ei Din Sei Din Video Karaoke

Geetimoy Seidin Chirodin" is a classic Bengali song from the 1980s, featured in the film "Chondo Hariye Gelo". Sung by the talented duo Ghulam Nabi and Sabina Yasmeen, the song is a timeless masterpiece that showcases the beautiful harmonies of the two singers. The song's lyrics, penned by the renowned poet Gazi Mazharul Anwar, are a poignant expression of love and longing.

The music composition by Anwar Parvez is a perfect blend of traditional Bengali folk and classical elements, creating a hauntingly beautiful melody that captures the mood of the lyrics. The song's instrumentation features a mix of traditional Bengali instruments like the tabla and flute, along with subtle use of Western instruments like the piano and guitar.

The song's arrangement is simple yet effective, allowing the voices of Ghulam Nabi and Sabina Yasmeen to take center stage. The chemistry between the two singers is undeniable, as they blend their voices together in perfect harmony to create a beautiful duet. The song's chorus is catchy and memorable, making it easy to sing along to.

Overall, "Geetimoy Seidin Chirodin" is a classic Bengali song that stands the test of time. The song's timeless melody, poignant lyrics, and beautiful harmonies make it a must-listen for anyone who loves Bengali music.

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Geetimoy Ei Din Sei Din Video Karaoke

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